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Confessions of a Retired Black Hat SEO Expert: 7 Unusual Strategies That Produced Huge Profits

When I began my profession in seo, I turned into 16 years vintage. And, just like maximum 16-12 months-olds, I didn’t fear much about seek engine “results.” In my fairytale world, they didn’t simply

We all learn to realize higher as we age, however you have to remember that I became naive. When I commenced my journey into the sector of SEO method, I didn’t worry about the quest engine policies … I just did whatever I

If you speedy forward to today, I don’t leverage or exercise black hat search engine marketing or other bad search engine optimization strategies when it comes to net advertising. After all, there are plenty of above-board SEO methods to show to.

So, what’s black hat SEO, precisely?

Black hat techniques contain everything from key-word stuffing and personal weblog networks (PBNs) to content material automation and tiered link constructing.

Most of those techniques get a horrific rap for an excellent

But there may be one thing you ought to preserve in mind.

Black hat search engine optimization is absolutely a great approach long gone

If I may want to do it all yet again, I wouldn’t have dabbled within the artwork of the darkish aspect. Why? Because if I had spent all that point and electricity on legitimate seo approaches, I would have created a far large lengthy-term commercial

I received’t bore you with the reasons you have to keep away from black hat SEO whilst looking to get higher seek consequences, as you already know them. Instead, I’m going to proportion with you seven crazy tactics (with records) that I leveraged as a child.You’ll quick see that I turned into a actually creative kid … and it’s one of the foremost reasons I do well as an internet advertising expert

Crazy Tactic #1: TwitThis
What’s one element that each weblog has? Well, of course, each blog has content and a content marketing campaign … but additionally they have social media sharing buttons.

Facebook. Instagram. Even LinkedIn. You see these social sharing buttons anywhere. But that wasn’t constantly the case.

When Twitter first got here out, it didn’t have “tweet” buttons. Heck, human beings weren’t even calling them “tweets.”

So, my internet advertising team and I created our very own Twitter social media sharing buttons that humans ought to embed into their web sites. We known as those Twitter sharing buttons “TwitThis” (you can see what the unique web page looked like under):
How did it do? Well, such a lot of human beings started out embedding TwitThis buttons on their sites that the website as soon as had a Google PageRank of eight and over 54 million one way links.

As you can see from the screenshot above, those 54 million one-way links got here from forty five,000 unique domain names. But what’s greater awesome than all this link constructing is the oneway links

Just have a look at the image above. You’ll see that the web page had 27 .Gov and 123 .Edu oneway links.

That’s not too shabby in terms of hyperlink-constructing effects—all from simply creating a unfastened device that allowed human beings to location “tweet” buttons on their web

The way that I unfold the phrase about it became in reality interesting. I simply went on Twitter, determined all the popular web sites leveraging it, and emailed the webmasters something like this:

Hey John,

I observed that CNN has been leveraging Twitter lately. Have you notion about asking your customers to proportion your content material on Twitter so you can get even extra traffic and improve your click-thru rate?

We truly created a loose tool known as TwitThis that makes this entire manner easy. We provide you with a simple code that you may paste into your HTML in order that your website readers can without problems proportion your content material on the social media web site Twitter, as a way to assist CNN get extra traffic.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Once I constructed up TwitThis to a excessive area authority web site, I become able to create subpages containing content material related to famous phrases on the time. Because the web site had so much domain authority, they’d clearly rank excessive.

Crazy Tactic #2: Battlefield Bypass
I recognize what you’re questioning. “What the heck is battlefield skip?”

You’re likely already acquainted with the quest engine tactic involving shopping for expired domains. I took a piece of a unique method once I was younger. I might purchase only expired domain names associated with world history, because it extended the chance of .Edu and .Gov one way links.

One of the domain names I acquired was known as battlefieldbypass.Com. It was a website that was once related to the Civil

When I obtained it, it had masses of link building ops, and a lot of them have been from government-run web sites.

I speedy obtained the website and turned it into a web on line casino site. Within a few months, the web site ranked No. 2 on Google for the time period “on line on line casino,” which continues to be a fantastically aggressive term at the search engines like google and yahoo.

On the website, I indexed out the pinnacle 10 on-line casinos that someone may want to sign on for. Whenever a consumer signed up due to my website, I were given paid an associate commission. The web site turned into averaging $forty,000 to $60,000 a month. Apparently, I didn’t do a high-quality activity at quality-tuning the web page for associate earnings, because the individual ranking above me become making over $100,000 every

A lot of SEOs nonetheless leverage expired domains … but only a few focus on ones that comprise .Gov and .Edu links, even though they tend to be the maximum powerful. You also should pay greater for those expired domains, but I never understood why someone would attempt to shop a couple of bucks while the distinction should imply rating No. 1 on the search engine versus no

Crazy Tactic #three: I Can Has Poker?
Do you don’t forget a crazy cat internet site referred to as I Can Has Cheezburger? I don’t recognise how famous the website is within the search effects in the meanwhile, however it used to generate around 500 million web page views a month. Not too shabby for a domain full of cat memes.

The target audience became so loyal that I partnered with them to run a contest. The contest changed into a poker giveaway in which one person would win a two-night time ride to Las Vegas with $500 in spending cash and loose airfare for two individuals to and from Las Vegas.

I can’t find the web page on I Can Has Cheezburger that discusses the competition (guessing they eliminated it), however here is a picture:

Create a funny cat meme related to poker (they have a meme writer on their website).
Embed the cat meme to your website to enter (the embed code related back to my poker site).

Within a depend of days, I were given over 2,000 hyperlink-building opportunities containing the terms “poker” and “on line poker” inside the anchor textual content. I even had I Can Has Cheezburger rotate up the embed codes in order that I should make the anchor text greater herbal.

Within a few days, my search engine rankings shot as much as page 7 of the search engines like google and yahoo for the quest time period “online poker.” Within per week, I become ranking on web page 2, and within weeks, I become ranking on web page 1. I probably could have hit the 1 spot at the search engines like google and yahoo, however I fast got stuck and Google pulled my rating.

My overall fee for the entire contest became beneath $10,000. Fifty percent of that became what I paid I Can Has Cheezburger for running the contest.

Crazy Tactic #four: WordPress Themes
What’s one thing all WordPress subject matters have in not unusual? They have a footer hyperlink to the fashion

What’s one element that maximum WordPress theme designers have in commonplace? Most of them create themes out of ardour and infrequently attempt to make money from them, a one of a kind spin on the sector of internet These issues do sincerely properly due to the fact the designers care about their paintings.

So, I concept it might be interesting to pay these subject matter proprietors $1,000 bucks to release an replace of their already famous topic. The motive I focused existing issues is that once they released an update, it might show up within the user’s WordPress admin, and they might simply click on a button to update the subject matter.

On the flip facet, if I created today’s subject matters from scratch, there could be no assure that humans would love the design and deploy it. For this cause, I handiest centered current themes that have been popular.

Once a WordPress user added the brand new subject matter update, they might get a few cool new features and, of course, a link again to one among my websites become located inside the subject matter

The web page I had the links go to was called Web Hosting Information.

At one point, the web site ranked inside the pinnacle 3 seek consequences of Google for “net website hosting.” Eventually, the engines like google stuck on, the web page were given slapped, and the search consequences scores plummeted.

These days, I nevertheless use WordPress subject matters, however more so for branding. I need greater humans to know me as a web advertising guru, so I pay subject businesses to include “advertised by using Neil Patel” hyperlinks within their subject and, of path, each hyperlink-building op is nofollow in order that I am not breaking Google’s policies.

Crazy Tactic #five: Operation Google Domination
The simplest tactic I deployed become this one. Do you consider Google Pages? It was whilst you may create an internet page using Google’s domain name. socailmagzine.comThat’s right. You may want to installation a site on “google.Com.”

Google Pages doesn’t exist anymore. The closest factor I should locate is that this.

I used to set up search engine submission pages for noticeably aggressive terms, like credit cards, auto insurance, and foreign exchange. From there, I could buy spammy weblog links from Sponsored Reviews, Blogsvertise, and Pay Per Post.

From those networks, I could reap PageRank 4 and 5 links for round $30 a pop and I might purchase some hundred at a time. In overall, I spent $24,990 on paid hyperlinks.

Within 60 to ninety days, I become on web page 1 for the phrases listed above, as well as different aggressive key terms.

The motive this tactic worked so well is that I changed into hyperlink constructing to Google’s personal area, which already contained tons of authority for seo.

Eventually, Google stuck on, like they constantly do, and the pages stopped rating.

Crazy Tactic #6: My Stat Counter
Are you acquainted with Statcounter? It’s the popular analytics tool that was around manner before Google Analytics. And, for Statcounter to offer you stats, you have to upload a counter in your website. The counter also incorporates a one way link to Statcounter.

Just study their hyperlink constructing profile—over 1 billion hyperlinks. That’s right … 1 BILLION.

To log into Statcounter, you as soon as needed to go to my.Statcounter.Com (that subdomain doesn’t exist anymore). So, I idea it would be smart to create my very own stat counter form of website online and referred to as it MyStatCounter.Com.

I were given lots of search engine site visitors from people who typed in “my.Statcounter.Com” incorrectly, which led to plenty of people developing stat counters the usage of my internet site.

When people could embed one of those hit counters into their web page, they might robotically also hyperlink out to something site I wanted to promote. The embed code might comprise third-celebration hyperlinks, and I required that people depart it on, as my service was unfastened.

Like maximum of the black hat SEO strategies I leveraged, my scores shot up fast. It lasted for extra than two years and worked so nicely that I turned into even selling links on My Stat Counter to different agencies. It was awesome for my search engine marketing

I turned into clever approximately it as well. I could make certain that the anchor text became rotated. So, it regarded herbal, and I in no way leveraged My Stat Counter for any of my advertising and marketing-associated websites or blogs. I didn’t want to draw attention to it. Plus, when a person signed up, I could ask them what form of site they had in order that I could region relevant 1/3-celebration links versus random ones. Nonetheless, I finally got caught and stopped using this tactic.

Crazy Tactic #7: Arbitraging Google
Based on the strategies above, you realize that when you have a whole lot of hyperlinks pointing to 1 area, you may rank for almost whatever.

In the early days of search engine optimization, there weren’t Panda or Penguin penalties, and Google’s algorithms were a lot less

Back in 2003, Google released AdSense, a provider people may want to use to monetize their own web sites by using setting Google commercials on them.

So, I took one of my web sites with a high domain authority, Advice Monkey (the web site not exists), and scraped over 100 million Google seek effects pages. I took each of the results inside their search engine and created tens of millions of pages on my web site that contained the same exact listing statistics.

My pages appeared much like Google’s seek effects pages however with my AdSense ads all over

Within a month, I started to get traffic from beneficial terms that I scraped—which include “mesothelioma”—and I become making $943 to $2,592 an afternoon from AdSense.

And, as you may in all likelihood bet, Google finally close me down for leveraging this tactic as nicely.

Can White Hat SEOs Learn From Black Hat Tactics?
While there’s a great distinction among white hat vs. Black hat search engine marketing, white hat search engine optimization can take a page or two from the ebook of black hat SEO techniques.

Black hat strategies do work. They simply aren’t as enduring as their white hat opposite numbers.

But there’s nevertheless something to them.

In other phrases: Even although they’re shady, they could truly boost the recipient’s SEO.

Why is that critical, though?

Because black hat SEO techniques are truely the dangerous exaggeration of white hat search engine marketing

To say it another way, black hat search engine optimization takes white search engine marketing strategies and amplifies them to dangerous degrees.

As you could see by means of this comparison underneath, this is nearly exactly what defines a black hat SEO strategy.

With black hat search engine optimization tactics, relevant content material turns into replica content material, relevant links develop into irrelevant content material, and properly-located keywords grow to be stuffed key phrases.

And that insinuates something wildly important.

Namely, it suggests us that a good SEO strategy is similar to a black hat You just must do it in right moderation.

That approach that you, the white hat search engine optimization strategist, can research a few hints from black hat SEOs.

Even even though black hat and white hat SEOs appear to be at odds, the only distinction between their strategies is how a whole lot black hat SEOs exaggerate valid approaches that work for white hat SEOs.

With that in thoughts, here are 3 examples of black hat SEO strategies that you, the white hat search engine marketing, can study from.

Replicating Private Blog Networks (PBNs) the Right Way
If you recognize one aspect approximately search engine optimization, it’s back-links.

Backlinks have lengthy been one of the number one indicators Google uses to determine a internet site’s ranking.

In fact, the power of your hyperlink-constructing strategy is the highest component in Google’s choice-making

And in line with one examine, the extra backlinks a web page has, the higher that page will rank on Google on average.
Since gaining inbound links to your internet pages is such an influential strategy at the SERPs, black hat SEOs have leveraged the strategy as well.

But they do it in a slightly much less reputable manner.

White hat SEOs often depend on sincere testimonials, visitor running a blog, and mutual partnerships to gain oneway links.

But for black hat SEOs, though, that’s not so much the case.

In fact, one of the number one black hat search engine marketing methods for producing inbound links is the usage of personal weblog

PBNs have a community of inactive domains with pre-constructed search engine marketing juice that they then use to hyperlink in your website.

Does it work?

Yes, it does.

Does it work for a long term?

Well, that depends on whether or not Google catches you. If Google reveals out that a website is relying on one-way links from a PBN, then it will quick demote that web site from the

Fortunately, although, you may construct inbound links without a doubt in plenty the identical manner.

You can pitch other guides, write testimonials, consist of your call on 0.33-birthday celebration directories, and create viral or percentage-worthy content.

Then your approach will appearance more

That means that you may generate the identical interest as a black hat search engine marketing without the danger of the Google police catching you and penalizing you.

That, in any case, is the largest downside to using black hat search engine optimization strategies. They paintings, but they only paintings so long as no person is aware of what you’re doing.

For that reason, sincere inbound link constructing is a far better

Keyword Sprinkling vs. Keyword Stuffing
I’m willing to guess your SEO friends have advised you approximately the strength of key-word studies.

I desire you’ve taken their advice.

After all, keyword research truly is a powerful tool in the world of search engine optimization.

If you already know which words humans are typing into Google and also you goal those exact key phrases, then you definitely’ll be far more likely to rank inside the role which you’re after.

Of course, black hat SEOs recognise that too.

And they’ve been the use of key phrases to try to rank their web sites ever for the reason that “keywords” became a issue.

The manner they do it isn’t just traumatic. It’s ineffective.

They keyword stuff.

Here’s what that looks as if if the keyword is “best laptops,” as an

And right here’s what that seems like if the focused key-word is “firepit.”

That’s difficult to study, isn’t it?

But that it’s tough to read isn’t the most effective purpose that these pieces of content material gained’t rank nicely on Google.

It’s additionally because Google is familiar with the keyword stuffing tactic and does the whole lot in its strength to demote web sites that use it.

After all, Google doesn’t want a internet site to rank because it has the right words. They want it to rank because it has remarkable

This is what added about the rise of semantic search (but that’s a topic for some other day).

So, at the same time as you don’t need to stuff your pages with worrying and cluttered key phrases, you do need to consist of the proper keywords.

And to find the right key phrases, you could use Ubersuggest.
Start by way of typing the key-word you want to target into the hunt field. Click “search.”

Now, click “keyword thoughts” inside the left sidebar. This will provide a listing of advised key phrases based totally at the extent of searches for each one. Other facts includes cost in step with click (CPC), paid issue, and search

The key phrases with the best extent will seem at the pinnacle. If you need to review greater key phrases, click on “associated” or “questions” above the outcomes.

Choose some key phrases to target at some point of your content. Just choose or 3.

Then, sprinkle the ones to your web page simply sufficient that Google is aware of what you’re speakme about. Do now not stuff them anywhere which you likely can like a black hat professional.

Google desires to recognize what you’re talking about, but it received’t reward you for the use of keyword stuffing procedures to upward push within the scores.

If you key-word stuff, you’ll lose.

If you key-word sprinkle, you’ll

Choosing Your Brand Name Strategically

When white hat SEOs pick out a brand call, they choose it definitely because they prefer it.

Or perhaps it sounds cool or sends a sure message.

Whatever the case, you in all likelihood chose your business call and domain call because it sounded properly, would be easy to don’t forget, and fits what your enterprise is making an attempt to accomplish.

Black hat SEOs, however, regularly choose a call due to how it’ll help them rank on Google.

They do key-word studies to decide which keywords are the most popular within their selected enterprise, and then they create a brand name that is an specific match to the ones

Why do they try this?

Well, if someone types “satisfactory virtual marketer” into Google and that’s the black hat search engine marketing’s enterprise call, then they have got a miles higher chance of displaying up on Google.

After all, Google doesn’t mechanically recognize whether you’re searching for a commercial enterprise call or a particular subject matter while you kind in those phrases.

That gives black hat SEOs a shady benefit.

Consider this end result in which I typed in “sell residence fast seattle” and this eerily similar result popped

As you could see, this tactic nevertheless works for black hat SEOs.

It works so well that it’s now not really a black hat SEO method anymore. Many respectable groups use this equal tactic to boost their ratings.

And it may not be a horrific concept for your own enterprise, either.

Consider, as an example, the similarity among my search for “the excellent digital marketer” and the domain of this end result.

Or keep in mind how Content Marketing Institute claimed the primary position on Google at the least partially because of the name of the area that they own.

Of route, you don’t want to totally depend upon your emblem call to help your search engine

You also want to generate one way links, use the appropriate latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords, and create exquisite content.

But, if converting your logo name to some thing more best for search engine optimization can assist your scores, then it’s a small change to make for an automatic boom in site visitors.

Does black hat search engine marketing still work?
Black hat SEO approaches still work like a allure today. These procedures will damage you more than gain you, though. Google is quite robust, with integrated technology for detecting low-exceptional material, keyword spam, and link spam. So, ultimately, it’s no longer really worth it.

Along with this, Google is continually rolling out new set of rules updates just like the Spambrain replace and Helpful Content Updates. Even if a practice works for now, a brand new replace may additionally render it out of date or even damaging on your rankings.

What are any four elements of black hat search engine optimization?
Four elements of black hat SEO consist of but are not restrained to:

Keyword stuffing: Stuffing an internet page with key phrases in an attempt to persuade search engine
Link junk mail: Efforts to affect Google Search outcomes through the usage of synthetic connections.
Sneaky redirects: Links that appear to be like another web page direct, however it goes to a one-of-a-kind URL than asked.
Duplicate content material: The exercise of copying and pasting the same content material to different subdomains/domain names, or pages to manipulate ratings.
What is a black hat vs. White hat SEO method?
To come up with the quick version: White hat SEO techniques are people who engines like google promote, and black hat SEO practices are people who violate seek engine recommendations.

I recognize some of those methods might also appear cool, and I might also paint them to be glamorous, however they surely aren’t. I am not proud of what I did, and if I may want to pass lower back in time and tell myself one thing … it might be that I shouldn’t focus on any black hat

If I had targeted all my energy on valid white hat search engine marketing techniques, I wouldn’t have gone via as many web Instead, I could have had one tons large web page that also existed these days.

Sure, inside the quick run, I would have made less money. But I commenced so early that, in the long run, I could had been way beforehand of anybody else.

The massive classes from this publish must be:

Be creative – The fine entrepreneurs have a tendency to be the maximum innovative ones. It doesn’t imply you ought to ruin Google’s policies (you shouldn’t). But it manner you need to suppose outdoor of the box to prevail (make sure you continue to follow the guidelines).
Think long-time period – Short-time period strategies can also seem fun, however in the end, you may get caught and you’ll have just wasted your time. socailmagzine.comI had months where I was making six figures from these methods, however due to the fact they weren’t long-time period, I also had honestly horrible months in which I lost money.
Learn from black hat tactics – There are quite a few entrepreneurs who leverage black hat strategies—no longer just in search engine optimization, however in all sorts of advertising. You shouldn’t always reproduction these human beings, but do examine from them. Maybe you may take their strategies, cause them to white hat, and follow them on your
Have you visible any black hat SEO techniques that we ought to all examine from?


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