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“In professional sport, no one gives you a discount for your age,” says Dhoni.

Dhoni additionally spoke approximately how his pets and love for cars hold him focussed. “Thankfully, I am no longer on social media, so there’s less distraction,” he introduced.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s destiny is one of the most hotly-debated topics in Indian cricket at the moment, in particular after the Chennai Super Kings had been removed by means of the Royal Challengers Bengaluru in the IPL 2024 organization tiers.

While Dhoni himself hasn’t spoken out approximately his future, CSK CEO Kasi Viswanathan recently told The Indian Express that the franchise has never asked Dhoni what his plans are after IPL 2024.

“There were no discussions within the dressing room about it. We have in no way asked him approximately his future and neither has he stated whatever approximately it. When he is taking a selection, he’ll tell us, till then we will now not intrude,” Viswanathan had told The Indian Express.


Now, in a latest video that surfaced on the net on Monday, Dhoni can he heard talking approximately why he takes his health so seriously.

After present process knee surgical treatment in May 2023, Dhoni went on to play in all 14 CSK games this season in IPL. He scored 161 runs at a strike rate of 220.55, which included 13 sixes. CSK head educate Stephen Fleming and batting instruct Mike Hussey have maintained that Dhoni’s capacity to hit the ball lengthy and difficult nevertheless stays the same. The duo believes that there aren’t any issues with Dhoni’s health.

Dhoni explains in a video how critically he takes his health.

“The toughest issue is… I am not playing cricket for the duration of the yr. So I should be healthy. Once I come, you are competing in opposition to kids who are fit and gambling international cricket. Professional recreation isn’t always smooth, no person offers you a discount for age. If you need to play, you have to be as fit as the other guy. Age does not simply give that grace to you. So, consuming behavior, a bit of training and all those things are there. Social media, luckily, I am now not on social media, so there’s much less distraction,” Dhoni says as a part of a panel dialogue. A video clip of his talk from the stage became uploaded by using Dubai Eye 103.Eight YouTube channel on Monday.


Dhoni additionally spoke approximately things that assist him hold his cognizance at this stage of his career.

“Once I cease worldwide cricket, I desired to spend a bit more time with my family. But, at that same time, to be mentally active, to have that passion to live focussed — for me, I love farming, for me it’s miles the motorbikes, I have began getting into antique vehicles. These matters de-strain me. If am confused, I would maybe visit the storage, spend a couple of hours over there and I will simply be satisfactory, I could come again,” Dhoni added. “I actually have constantly felt growing up with a pet, whether it’s miles a cat or a canine… I select puppies though. They have unconditional love in the direction of you. I actually have stated this in a previous interview, even supposing I lose a recreation and are available returned, my dog greets me the equal way.”

The Indian Express has learnt that Dhoni’s selection to cease or continue depends on the gamers’ retention rule that BCCI will be selecting before next season’s massive auction.


In the video, Dhoni additionally speaks about leadership traits.

“The essential thing while we communicate approximately leadership is that we need to earn that respect of the people you’re leading. You can’t command or call for respect. You want to earn it. I may additionally have a function in an group, and yes that function desires to be respected. But me as an individual sitting on the chair, I want to earn that recognize. I can’t just say ‘respect me’! If you have got the respect of the humans round you, they give 10 to 15 percent extra.


“India is slightly extraordinary. People communicate about being professional. Yes, we Indians are professional, however our emotional join is stronger. I sense as an Indian, my strength is the emotional connect. My reference to CSK is an emotional join. It’s now not just a participant who comes and performs for more than one months and then is going again home.”

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