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No, ChatGPT isn’t taking market share away from Google in searches.

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These days, covering Google’s market share is akin to covering the sky—did you know that it’s blue?

However, Seeking Alpha released a piece today with the headline “ChatGPT eats away at Google search’s dominance” that is clickable.

This story is based on a Bank of America report (which is paywalled, so I won’t link to it), but why is Bank of America discussing search market share?, which I discovered via a Greg Sterling X post and is based on data from StatCounter and Similar Web.
based on the figures. Google’s global market share for searches, as reported by StatCounter:

91.53% in October 2023.
2022 October: 92.34%
In the last 12 months, Google’s share of the global search market has decreased. However, is ChatGPT affecting Google’s search results?


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