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No, ChatGPT isn’t taking market share away from Google in searches.

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Reporting on Google’s market proportion these days is like reporting on the sky (did you are aware of it’s blue?).

Yet nowadays, Seeking Alpha posted an editorial with a clickable headline of ChatGPT eats away at Google seek’s dominance.

This article (that’s paywalled, so I’m no longer linking to it) is based totally on a Bank of America record (why is Bank of America talking approximately search marketplace share?), that’s primarily based on records from StatCounter and Similar Web, which I discovered of through an X post by Greg Sterling.

By the numbers. Google’s global seek market share, in step with StatCounter:

October 2023: ninety one.Fifty three%
October 2022: ninety two.34%
This is Google’s lowest worldwide search market proportion in the beyond 365 days. But is that this ChatGPT eating into Google’s search market share? Extremely not likely.

The problem? Statcounter doesn’t tune ChatGPT due to the fact – howdy? – it isn’t a search engine. It’s an LLM-primarily based generative AI chatbot.

Statcounter also doesn’t tune TikTok Search – due to the fact all the seek interest takes place inside an app. But TikTok is a platform Google has recounted as a risk to Search (also, Gen Z ladies pick TikTok to Google).

Relatively solid. Google Search has been “pretty stable” during the last one year, consistent with the file. Well, sure. But we will surely move further returned than that on StatCounter.

Google has been “exceptionally strong” since August 2015. That’s the month Google handed 91% search marketplace share international for the primary time.


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